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Defence Systems
Defence Systems

Established in 1994, Lifeline is currently the leading manufacturer of on board fire suppression sytems to the motorsport industry. This fact alone makes them ideally placed to supply the Defence Market. But Lifeline has many more outstanding qualities that make them the perfect choice for supplying the most exacting military requirements.

Research and Development

Lifeline’s continuous commitment to research and development ensures that we can supply the most innovative and cutting edge products available to the Defence Industry. These same products are used by the majority of the world’s motor sport championship-winning drivers, teams and constructors – a stringent, proven test for the defence industry.

Lifeline’s Zero 360 systems are the result of over 5 years of intensive research and development using DuPont’s FE36™ environmentally friendly gas extinguishant. Already in use by many world championship motor racing teams and constructors Zero 360 is the racer’s number one choice – an unparallelled test. By using Lifeline’s Compression Discharge technology superior results are assured over standard stored pressure systems.

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This is because only pure undiluted extinguishing agent is deployed, unlike others that are saturated with Nitrogen thereby reducing efficiency of the agent.

Lifeline now offers a comprehensive range of fire suppression systems using gas, foam or powder extinguishing agents for all kinds of transportation such as armoured vehicles, boats, buses and trains. Systems can also be supplied for the protection of machinery and any other enclosed space that requires fire protection.


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Defence Systems