Aeroglow HaLO - EELS egress lighting Integration

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Aeroglow HaLO - EELS egress lighting Integration

Through our exclusive partnership with AeroGlow, crewsurvivability has moved up a level. AeroGlow’s HaLOhigh-powered LED lighting system is designed to workin conjunction with our fire suppression system, so thatvehicle escape hatches, handles and escape equipmentare illuminated as soon as the fire suppression system isactivated, aiding the escape for occupants.This collaborative effort is just one example of Lifelineputting the safety of occupants above all else, whilstpushing the technological boundaries.

Mitigates post event risks by automatically illuminating vital escape routes, hatch mechanisms, and emergency equipment; thus improving the evacuation times of troops from the vehicle. With approx. 5000 delivered systems HaLO is a patent protected TRL 9 fully proven system with 6 + years of in-service experience and evolution. The system is: ➡ Blast/IED/crash, roll-over, water and flame activated. ➡ Tailored to mitigate existing US and UK platform safety-case risks (High/Red) to acceptable risk levels, and demonstrate duty of care to vehicle users. ➡ Powered by a ‘fit once’ ultra capacitor pack; or a replaceable primary cell pack. ➡ Configurable to provide additional crew lighting options. ➡ In service with all US SOCOM MRAP / MATV platforms; UK Foxhound, Mastiff, Ridgback, Warthog, Buffalo, CW4x4, Husky, Fuchs, Warrior and Viking Platforms. ➡ Recently purchased for the USMC ACV1.1 Platform. ➡ Fully modular housings - cables lock into position when units fitted to backplate.


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Aeroglow HaLO - EELS egress lighting Integration