Lifeline Quality manager Chris Temple completes Rally of the Midlands

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Latest MSA Regulation Changes

For the 2018 season the MSA blue book features a significant regulation change which effects fire extinguishers fitted into competition vehicles. To directly quote the blue book ‘All extinguishers must be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines, or every 24 months, whichever is sooner.’ The purpose of this article is to clarify this regulation change, outline the implications for the systems already in service and offer alternatives to competitors who have system which are out of date.

Latest MSA Regulation Changes

Quality manager Chris completes Rally of the Midlands 2012

Race Mirrors
Quality manager Chris completes Rally of the Midlands 2012

Quality manager Chris completes Rally of the Midlands 2012

Rally of the Midlands was the first multi-venue event and event on Pace Notes, for both Chris and Tom.

Stages 1 & 2 were run through Arbury Hall. The first, taking it easy due to warnings it would be slippery, whilst Stages 3 & 4 were held at Mallory Park.

During this, the alternator light came on and the boys started losing power. Both wipers and headlights couldn’t be used at the same time, as they had to do their best to save power.

The final Friday stage was Argents Mead, a popular location with the spectators, with tight areas for racing, embarrassing should anyone get it wrong.

Saturday morning service was a quick re-fuel and out to the service park at Arbury Hall for stages 6 and 7.

At stage 7 the Peugot had a 3rd gear spin, the corner was a 4 right caution slippery, and was cut on the approach. The car snapped sideways and spun a 360, thankfully only 5 seconds were lost.

Stage 12 and 13 was the first through short stage Merevale, whilst stages 14 & 15 were held again at Arbury Hall. Due to dryer weather the Chris and Tom, were able to complete the stages faster with cleaner jumps and were back at MIRA for stages 16 to 19.

Driving too fast at Stage 18, the Peugot landed hard on the front after the jump causing the car to snatch sideways and rub along the Armco. In 3rd position, the chances of rolling or hitting the Armco and going over the edge were too high.

Thankfully there was no rolling or cliff diving!

Returning to Mallory Park for final service, and greeting by friends and family, car 61 finished 36th overall and 3rd in class!

A huge thanks to our sponsors; Lifeline and Old Hall Performance.

Also, Thanks to service crew Ron, Dave, Colin and Jim and finally to the event organisers for such a brilliant rally.

Bring on the next rally!!!

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Lifeline Quality manager Chris Temple completes Rally of the Midlands